If you’ve been experiencing issues with your garage door, you may be wondering if it’s time to find a replacement. If one of the following problems occurs, you may be able to hire a garage door repair service to fix it instead.


Your Garage Door Is Leaning

If one side of your garage door appears to be lower than the other when the door is closed halfway, you probably have an imbalanced door. This could signify that your door is putting additional burden on your lifting mechanism and speeding up the mechanism’s wear and tear.

Balance is essential to the efficiency of a garage door. If one side is sagging, then one of your springs has worn down more than the other. This imbalance will put additional stress on your door’s lift motor. The repair is another that is relatively simple. A professional will replace your springs and rehang your door to restore your door’s balance.


Your Garage Door Has Suddenly Stopped Working

If you find one morning that your garage door isn’t working, your initial expectation might be that you need a door replacement. Oddly enough, a sudden breakdown is typically an easier fix because the problem tends to be isolated and hasn’t been worsening for years, which can result in irreparable damage.

Before you call anyone, check the batteries in the remote to make sure you don’t need to replace them. If the solution isn’t new batteries, call a professional to diagnose the problem quickly and make the repair.

Your Garage Door Feels Heavy

Because garage doors are quite heavy, the springs that assist your garage lift mechanism with lifting the door can begin to wear down with use. These springs prevent the lift motor from wearing down rapidly and enable you to open the door by hand if your power goes out.

A heavy door may signal worn springs. This issue is usually an affordable, quick fix involving a simple replacement of the springs by a professional. Both springs should be replaced to keep your door balanced. New springs will make your door feel much lighter.

Your Garage Door Has a Damaged Panel

If you dent your garage door with your car, don’t panic. This accident doesn’t spell the end of your door. The repair may be simple and affordable and is likely not a cause for total replacement.

A damaged panel should be fixed early to keep the repair as cost-effective as possible. When a single panel is damaged, replacing it is an easy fix. Ignoring this trouble area for a while, however, will cause the issue to spread and make the repair much more costly. Replacing multiple panels is no cheaper than replacing the door altogether, so try to fix the single damaged area as soon as possible.

Remember to hire a professional like Carlson to conduct your repairs. While a simple problem with your garage door may seem like an easy fix you can handle on your own, you’ll be putting your safety and investment at risk by trying to fix the issue yourself.

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